C o n t a c t



We each derive different meanings from the creative forces around us. I can only convey how I relate to art, in the spirit of explaining the forces that drive me to create my art.

For me art is expression of exultation or pathos, but never moderation. All art must connect with feverish intensity, or it must be relegated to the realm of mere decoration.

Decoration both natural and manufactured is all around us, and admirably beautifies our world. I can only tell you that it is either my triumph or my failing – you may choose which – that I cannot create art with the intent to merely decorate. It is simply too strong a force in my life.

This reverence for the power of art traces back to my childhood. I have always been an artist, winning art competitions as early as third grade. Over the years I gravitated to abstract expressionism as a form not just of artistic expression but of sustenance and salvation, a lifeline allowing me to use paint on canvas as a connector to my personal experiences.

My preference for using palette knives to layer colors with coarse textures reflects my respect for art as a primal portal for the outpouring of the soul. As disquieting as this creative process may sound, each painting is in fact the outcome of a spiritually cleansing journey driven by my undying vision to connect with you.